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As a children’s entertainer & songwriter, I suspect it goes without saying that I love singing, but I’m saying it anyways, I LOVE SINGING!  As a young girl my father also loved singing and was a great leader in impromptu singing sessions.  He sang songs from his homeland (Poland) in his native tongue, with others Polish folk or just sang out loud, because he loved to, in any language. He lead us all in carol singing at Christmas and encouraged everyone to participate.

We both sang in the Church Choir, I belonged to the KDHS school choir and sung in my room constantly to whatever song was on the radio, or record I was playing.  Yes, I sang into a brush for sure, who didn’t dream of being a superstar?!  My mother sang too, but perhaps not as melodically as the rest of us and we did give her a hard time about it.  I regret that, but I learned my most important lesson about singing from my mom.

My mom loved to sing at church and as a woman who did not learn to read well into her 60’s, she had to memorize all the words.  She sang at the top of her lungs.  Mom didn’t care what people thought, there was such joy and emotion in her singing.  As a youngster, you can certainly know that I was embarrassed by such a display and didn’t celebrate her joy at the time.  Today, I lament how the world has lost most of these singers.

Singing in our country at least or my small corner of it, has become something left to the professionals, or ‘good’ singers.  What a shame.  How has this happened you might ask?  Well it would seem that people have started to call out the singers of our world, putting them into various categories or worse, telling them, they can’t sing!   This has made loads of people very hesitant to sing out loud, beyond their showers.  I want to change that and I hope to start with you and all the children & adults that I meet.

Singing is just joy, pure JOY!  Everyone gets to respond, participate and emote through this medium.  Where have all the breakout sing songs gone, why don’t families sing more often in their kitchens, have we lost all the nursery rhymes that mothers and fathers would sing to their babies?  So many questions.  I know that not every family/person is the same.  I know that there are plenty of folks still singing out strong, but it’s not everyone and that makes me sad.

With this blog I am hoping to connect people back to singing out loud in their kitchens and cars, with their families and friends, at schools, daycares and preschools.  Music is a connector,  a community builder, a great teacher, a vehicle to deliver instruction, as well as so helpful for our children to develop self confidence, language and to keep moving!

Let’s journey together to let the whole world know, that singing is for everyone, just not a few ‘good’ singers.  It’ll be fun and it will be easy!  Sing a song right now. Out loud. Be proud.  A little louder please, you sound so great!  I’m smiling, how about you?