Month: March 2019

Orange Section March 2019
Yes it is cold outside, but it’s a great day to send you a note with all my news!  The Jelly Jam on Feb. 14th was a fabulous success and we had such fun. Can you tell this skirt was my favourite part? lol  Gearing up for the A-May-Zing Fling on May 2nd and it’s the last one in the series. 🙁  I’m running a contest for Daycares, Preschools and Teachers, check it out below.  Exciting news, I am  in the studio working on my 3rd solo CD, looking at releasing in May or June.  I’ll be doing a few events around Saskatoon in March, and already booking summer library tours!  I have some info on doing Singing with Sylvia Classes in your home, so check it all out.  Stay warm my friends, put on some Sylvia Chave via Spotify/Apple Music and dance/sing up a storm and cut and colour my penguin activity sheets, at the very bottom. xoxo

All the news for the group contest.  Not for parents to enter only teachers & caregivers. 🙂 So share this with them for your  child’s group to have a chance to win.

All the information on the Fling is here.  Another fun filled day of music for everyone, don’t forget the evening show is a glow stick party and I provide the glow sticks AND the dark!AND music is wonderful for babies and parents just don’t realize that they can come with their wee littles to enjoy the music too, they love it!Tickets online Here

Where’s Sylvia in March?

March 6th Play and Learn Cafe @ 1:30 for a singing class & a story to celebrate their 1 year anniversary

Play and Learn Cafe @ 1:30 for a singing class & a story to celebrate their 1 year anniversary

March 9thSaskatoon Family Expo @11:45

March 15thCravings @11am for a wee bit of singing with parents and their littles (Free) 

Summer?  Regina & Saskatoon I will be singing at your libraries this summer watch for dates!


Singing with Sylvia ClassesI have offered classes and love doing it, but it is tough to find a time and day that works for everyone.  The best way I have found to offer these classes is for people to have them in their homes.  We choose a day and time and a set of 4 consecutive weeks that work for everyone. They find 10-12 kids to take the class.  It’s a great time for moms to get together and enjoy music with their kids and then a visit afterwards.  You need a room we can all sit in, doesn’t have to be that big. Living rooms, rec rooms all work.  If you are interested shoot me an email and I’ll give you all the details.


Penguins!My sister Anna Ashcroft is a marvel and there is nothing we liked better than paper dolls when we were little.  So she made one up  for Penguins!  Lots of colouring and cutting to keep your kids busy in this cold weather. Mounting the doll on a piece of cardboard will help make it a little stronger if you like.  Have fun!